Dear friends, we are staring at the finish line of the completion of our new album, Labyrinth and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO FINISH IT!!!  With that we have devised something very special for a limited few.  For only $60 you will receive a digital download of the album and sprawled throughout the beautiful artwork of our first ever double vinyl, we will embolden your righteous name for all to see!!  You will be forever a part of Labyrinth.  Click HERE to be made into legend.  It has been a two year recording process that has patiently emerged probably KatsüK's best album to date, yet WE CANNOT FINISH THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!  Pick up a pre-order TODAY!  Thank you so much for your support.

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Captured by Robert Garner Photgraphy, "(The Joy of Creating) Nothing at All" is a happy little ode to one of our favorite creators, the Master Bob Ross.  It was a incredibly fun experience and we hope you enjoy the new video.  Just remember my friends, it's not about where you are going that matters, it's about how you are going. 
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