...to KatsüK's Official Website.  We are happy you made it here.  Here is the World Premier Video for "There and Back Again," we are hoping to get into the last Hobbit movie coming out December 2014.  Shot by JOE.E.TV. 

Currently they are in post production for the last of the three Hobbit movies due out in December. They did not have a closing credit song until 2 months before the second movie came out last year, so I know I have a window of getting heard; it may be small, but my passion for this is a flaming arrow of ridiculous obsessive oober geeky magnitude!

Friends, family, strangers, that dude over there in the corner, KatsüK needs your help!  Please help me cross into the west and fly to New Zealand so I can give it everything I can to personally put this song into the right people's hands! This is the completion of a huge section of my own story and the chance of a lifetime. To be a part of Tolkien's world with my song in the closing credits would be a dream come true. Whatever you can give, is forever appreciated. Please listen to the song and help me manifest this!! SO BE IT!!!!" DONATE HERE:

Love and Light!
Below is, Zero Point, an album we put out late 2012.  We invite you to listen, ingest it, absorb it in it's entirety.  Afterwards, please feel free to go to the STORE and help us continue on the path of creating more music for the good of all concerned.  A little support goes along way.  Thank you.  Play It Forward!
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