CLEF Impact Benefit (SOLO)

Shipping & Receiving, 201 S Calhoun St,, Fort Worth, TX 76104

In this anticipated charity event, an exciting festive adventure awaits at the notorious Shipping & Receiving Bar, with innovative artists and entrepreneurs of various origins. Under the C.L.E.F. (Conscious Living Empowerment Foundation) organization, our main goal is to raise funding for children of India in order to provide multiple services and programs, such as Art, Music, and Humanities that will inspire and support creative expression. The entire event will consist of several talented and inspiring artists composing live music on an open stage, three vibrant yoga instructors and Reiki healers operating a heightening yoga experience, two motivating and passionate musicians leading an energetic drum circle, and a group of distinctly beautiful belly dancers presenting an enticingly wild dance performance. Meanwhile, a variety of vendors will be selling a wide range of services and uniquely crafted products. In the event of purchasing a raffle ticket, many will be given an opportunity to win a select few items from the vending booths.

Multiple services for refreshments will be available at the stationed food truck and within the bar area, inside the main building.

Welcoming our Live music stars: Bhakti House Band & Daniel Katsuk

Entry Fee Prices: $10 Early Bird till July 1st $15 after July 1st $25 after September 1st

Raffle Tickets: $5 for 5 raffle tickets $20 for 25 raffle tickets $100 for 150 raffle tickets

Donation Link:

Main Location: 201 S Calhoun St. Fort Worth, TX 76104