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What it does: The Climate Emergency Fund was founded recently — July 2019 — with the goal of quickly getting money to groups engaged in climate protest. It has already raised and disbursed several hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to groups it has vetted. The grantees range from the well-established to the fledgling Extinction Rebellion, an activist movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience — like filling the streets and blocking intersections — to demand governments do more to stave off mass extinction.

The money is going to everything from hiring organizers to buying signs and bullhorns to organizing school trips. A second round of more than 30 grants is in the works, representing over $2 million more. The fund is currently raising money, accepting donations large and small. ... [The founders] came together around a shared conviction that street protest is both crucially important to climate politics and a longtime blind spot for environmental philanthropy.

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