Be The Bell

the art of resonace

Make 2019 a resounding success! Connect to your authentic self, tap into an inner fountain of creativity and develop supportive connections for the journey ahead. Let this be the year your life begins to fully resonate from the inside out!

Imagine spending the first weekend of the year at Chijmes. Whether you choose to stay at the hotel or come and go, your experience will be utterly inspirational. Each workshop provides opportunities for self discovery, insight and new commitment to whatever you want to create in the coming year! During the weekend you will find multiple opportunities for self-care (yoga, massage, facials) along with expert guidance from the Be The Bell conference presenters.

As you begin 2019, you can spend time with these fantastic folks: Christina Vargas, Daniel Katsuk, Charles Gaby, Laura Gerstle, Nicole Shaw, and LeeAnn Mallory.

Stalking the Root – Album Release and Live Performance of the musical guided meditation performed live by Katsük and Gaby.This hour long journey will help you connect with the inner fountain of your creative juices. Feel free to hang out after and connect with new friends!

Yoga Saga

Bringing a joyful reverence for a science that is ancient and transformational, Daniel Katsük understands that to be truly flexible, laughter wins.  Having performed as a musician on stage for over 17 years and a voice-actor for cartoons, Daniel brings a fun, inviting and child-like energy to Kundalini Yoga that can help anyone feel comfortable in their own skin or Yoga pants, while helping facilitate a deeper connection with our bodies, mind and Spirit.  Having taught Kundalini Yoga and facilitated workshops over four years at many Dallas/Ft. Worth Yoga studios, retreats and festivals, Daniel has his 200hr Certification with Yoga Alliance and is currently a part of a KRI 300hr Kundalini Yoga Training at Indra's Grace.  All classes and workshop offer live Native flutes, guitar, percussion, singing bowls, gong and Kirtan to accentuate the vibrational capacity for spelunking deep into the Heart of the matter by allowing the music to move in the moment with the need and atmosphere of the group.  Focused on creating workshops that delve into the Root Cause, release and create new and substantial patterning, each offering is a potent and invigorating experience filled with excitement, joy, humor and grit.  For Private Sessions, Classes, Workshops, Concert, Sound Healing and/or Cornbread Recipes, please contact HERE.  Sat Nam. 

“As a life long student of Shamanism and other ancient Teachings, I have always been drawn to the parallels of Kundalini Yoga and the Native American Warrior Path Philosophy.  Merging these two worlds is a natural union, for they both are actualization Pathways and involve powerful shadow work to create immediate results.  My main philosophy is that we do the work in the class, in the Lodge, in sacred ceremony so we can neutralize the need to experience it in the outer world, most of the time, caught off guard.  Shadow work is that work:  cutting the cords that no longer serve us by owning, forgiving and letting go of sabotaging patterns, thus opening the space for a new positive pattern to emerge.  Kundalini resonates with me for its odd beauty and quick potential in transforming every
 part of our being.
  It is as dexterous as the wind and as lithe as water.  Simultaneously grounding us in the depths of our body, it ignites the fires of passion to know the workings of our Soul, ever tied to the Ether.  My life has been changed immeasurably through Yoga, and so my goal is to be of service to others by helping pass on this sacred knowledge to anyone desiring to know.  I am ever thankful for the opportunity to share these teachings now in a class room, at conscious festivals and retreats.  Waheguru!”  ~Daniel Katsük~

Kids Music & Yoga Workshops