KatsüK is a world folk fusion rock group with an infectious tribal ethereal pop atmosphere that feels like an epic cinematic soundscape. Recently nominated for 2019 BEST ROCK RECORDING, BEST WORLD RECORDING AND BEST CONCEPT FOR A MUSIC VIDEO and 2022 BEST ROCK SONG & VIDEO in the Native American Music Awards (NAMMY's).  Their music evokes the euphoric but somewhat dangerous feeling of falling in love—driving very fast down dark roads with the headlights off.  Created by composer/performer Daniel Katsük and accompanied by a phenomenal group of world-beat and symphonic instrumentalists, they have recently released a new album entitled Commissions & Re-commissions Vol. 2 which is a compilation commissioned works and old and new original songs ranging from country, rock, reggae, folk and electronica.  "One of the best things about this band is their live performance. They create an atmosphere that envelops the listener like a wall of sound one does not want to escape from.  They are powerful performance artists who weave smoky, woodsy vocals into elemental guitar melodies, harmonies, and percussion"  ~Fort Worth Texas Magazine~

“Weaving together an impressively thick sonic tapestry,” Fort Worth-based KatsüK and their “massive Middle Eastern sound” call to mind both “Dead Can Dance and acoustic Led Zeppelin.”   ~Harder Beat Magazine~ 

KatsüK has written and performed (in Denver) for the Off-Broadway production The Portal, a Modern Shamanic Journey and has played numerous music festivals, retreats and venues across the world, sharing the stage with such esteemed and varied acts as Spoonfed Tribe, Colin Hay (from Men at Work), Nahko & Medicine for the People, Galactic, Ziggy Marley, Peter Yarrow, Polish Ambassador, Ozomatli, Rising Appalachia, Kan'Nal, Rebirth Brass Band, Trevor Hall, Los Lonely Boys, Cas Haley, Cowboy Mouth, Guy Forsyth, and Brave Combo.   Along with touring and recording with the musical group KatsüK, Daniel is a voice actor for FUNimation, where his music has been featured in the animated series Dragonball Z, Case Closed, and Full Metal Alchemist. 

"Wonderful artists have come and gone, yet there is an authentic consistency that remains. KatsüK will change your state of mind — maybe just for the evening, maybe for longer. The man knows how to write a song, and he surrounds himself with people who can take that song where it needs to be."