Be The Bell

the art of resonance

Make 2019 a resounding success! Connect to your authentic self, tap into an inner fountain of creativity and develop supportive connections for the journey ahead. Let this be the year your life begins to fully resonate from the inside out!

Imagine spending the first weekend of the year at Chijmes. Whether you choose to stay at the hotel or come and go, your experience will be utterly inspirational. Each workshop provides opportunities for self discovery, insight and new commitment to whatever you want to create in the coming year! During the weekend you will find multiple opportunities for self-care (yoga, massage, facials) along with expert guidance from the Be The Bell conference presenters.

As you begin 2019, you can spend time with these fantastic folks: Christina Vargas, Daniel Katsuk, Charles Gaby, Laura Gerstle, Nicole Shaw, and LeeAnn Mallory.

Stalking the Root – Album Release and Live Performance of the musical guided meditation performed live by Katsük and Gaby.This hour long journey will help you connect with the inner fountain of your creative juices. Feel free to hang out after and connect with new friends!


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Last fall, Daniel had the immense honor of performing the lead in The Portal Rock Odyssey in Denver, CO, which is now Off-Broadway in NYC.  Listen to two of the songs recently released by Relix Magazine online!! 

Holy Fractal ft. Katsük

Syth ft. Katsük


KatsüK Informational

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