TABA Volume 7 - 10/30/14

To everyone who donated to my Go Fund Me that helped fly this crazy soul across the world to have "There and Back Again" heard by the Hobbit production team, and to everyone who gave me counsel, prayers and couches along the way, I can only say that you have drawn forth within me an immeasurable gratitude and a sense of value, that not only is what I am doing important, but supported.  Thank you.

Well, here is my an update on "There and Back Again":  For the last few months, I have been reaching out to every direction I could to get this song heard.  A wonderful entertainment lawyer who believed in the song, came to my aid pro bono and began pushing it for me, as well.  Dallas Comic-con came and went and I was able to put the song into Elijah Woods and Sean Astin's hands.  So much love and action went forth into this journey, yet it is in the journey I must find my accomplishment and what I have become because of it.  As of last week, the Hobbit announced that Billy Boyd (Pippin) would sing the closing credit song for the last movie.  It is fitting; he will do a fantastical job, yet one day I will crush the little halfling with my fingers!  I mean, I will shake his hand in admiration.  =D 

I feel utterly Blessed by the whole experience.  I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine.  I stepped out of the bonds of my fear and flew.  For that, I am free.  Well, now I and am ready to move forward into a new purpose.  Thank you all again from the whole of my Soul.  Check out below for what is on the horizon!  Here comes a new album!

I am excited to announce that I have picked up the studio chalice and well into recording a new KatsüK album due out early 2015.  The culmination of many experiences, this album genuinely defines the essence of what KatsüK is, an organic conscious musical movement.  These are the words of a stranger I met briefly that helped define the thread of this new album, "There are too many songs cursing the darkness, and we can yell of those things and fuel the hurt, but honestly, I just want to hear music that makes me feel alive."  I smiled at that knowing that I do too. So that has been the direction of this album.  Themes regarding moving through the labyrinth, finding our own song, standing by each other, spiritual ecstasy and being courageous enough to leap into the Light.  Supported by an amazingly talented group of musicians that have brought a very rich depth and meaning to the sound, I could not be more excited to share what is on the horizon.  Be on the lookout for the first single "Open Sea" coming very soon.

Love you all!