TABA Volume 3 - 5/6/14 

Many moons ago I set out to disappear in New Zealand and began hitchhiking across the country to the west coast where I would hop a boat and make my way to the enchanted land of my dreams.  Life however, had different plans for me then and sent me back to North Texas though the thought of New Zealand has never left.  Today I am thrilled to say, I purchased a ticket to Auckland, New Zealand by the grace of many people who love and support me in this endeavor to get my song “There and Back Again” into the last Hobbit movie!  I cannot be more grateful than I am now and feel so blessed that you believe in me.  Thank you.
For the next week I will be tying up all my loose dream catchers for travel and preparing for the greatest adventure of my life so far.  Though I did not reach my Go Fund Me goal, I know that Life will provide for me on the way.  My guitar will be on my back, so there is always a way.  One of my fondest memories of hitchhiking was not necessarily anything that I saw or heard, but a feeling that came over me when I realized I was truly on my own.  I had no ties, no bills, no responsibilities, just the road and the ever-winding present.  It was a feeling of complete non-attachment I have been searching to find ever since in love and music, a present that unfolds by deliberate action, past karma and the awareness of one’s surroundings.  I know that God always leads in the direction of our highest purpose and so all we need to do is stay awake enough to see it.  I am awake and alive, moving in the direction of my dream.  A dream that seems nearly impossible, but for some reason feels as if success is the only option.  Measuring success by accomplishments is fraught with disappointments, but measuring success on the learning in the journeying will always yield a reward.  Something wonderful will come of all this, yet it already has.  I feel extremely loved right now and grateful for everyone who has sent money, love, prayers and support of any kind.
Thanks to my friend Capn’ Peaches I am flying half way to Hawai’i for free.  Also I will be playing my first show in Hawai’i on the way back.  To culminate the experience of going to New Zealand I have booked a show in Wellington, the city where they are doing the post production of the last Hobbit movie and will be promoting my ass off for it.  I already see that a few people from WETA (CGI on the Hobbit) will be there at the show!  I am letting go and letting God.  If you know of anyone in New Zealand please send them this FB
INVITE or just click JOIN and be there in spirit. 
This Saturday will be the last show that I have before leaving.  It is my final fundraiser for this, perhaps ever because being in a state of asking is difficult and I am ready to be on my way.  Here is the
INVITE for the show this Saturday at Nos Bar in Azle.  As well, if you still like to donate to my Go Fund Me, please donate HERE!!  I have raised $2500 of a $4000 goal, so anything you might help to contribute would give me a little wiggle room.  Thank you from all my heart.  I’ll be updating this blog on my adventure so tune back in.  Until then… CHEERS!!