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Remember when you pulled me you said "come her girl yeah we got this"
your lips met mine and baby I would never deny this
Slowly talking with our eyes you held me right swore you'd never leave this
Your fingertips crossed the lines up and down my spine
You sent an ocean heaven sent, a blood, a flood from each deep breath
Yeah I know we got this, beautiful love, this beautiful love, yeah we have this

"We'll always have this love" you said, with every tear I cried you said
"You love who you love in careless whispers," we shared this
You held my soul and danced a while and minds crossed the mile, we had this
And now we're sinking in a abyss
Buried treasures sworn, forlorn, with oceans and futures stretching between us

Let it go for a greater good, words to turn away
Close the door and sell your soul and wash it all away
Is it game to pass the pain or remain and speak in truth
Truth is love from whence it came and who defines who
With this or against this, your battle's mine
A flash of knowing, we danced past time, we have this
We never wanted, never asked, never will
But this is all there is, and all there ever was still
This beautiful love, we're made to love
It's just a choice, go find your voice, be you
Beautiful love, we're made to love
Oceans alive collide heartlocked secrets of you and me
Beautiful love, we're made to love
Love is all there ever is and ever was
Beautiful love, we're made to love