1. Open Me
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Open Me

Oh i've been live this, oh my whole life
Something more or less, but still unsatisfied
A voice without a song, with wings unrendered
A longing all forgot, but you I remember
Can you spare a moment, wait, to hear this woken heart
My delivery was in your fate, you standing in your art
I've been pounding on this door, saying are you listening
I've been bounding o'er the world, running from my meaning
You took my hand and placed it on the pulse of my measure
The music in my veins, a champagne ember

All I want is to find a way, to thank you for your spark
You awoke in me my need to play, you woke in me my heart

You've opened me... Up

Chameleon, you castaway, the shadows of my heart
Memories in morning rays, lighting up the dark

You've opened me... Up

The sun may shine through nets, knowing its lines
I can see you as yourself, can you see me as I