1. Windyville
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This one, we see in you a hope, just because you are, just because you already know and have bathed in the sea
This one, has all the means to grow, shepherds do not serve wolves unyet to recognize your life and stolen words
This one, there's water in the hull
No captain who can lead, no direction with integrity, a heartless path to flail
Listen, your heart is yours alone
It speaks in subtle ways but the mind is built to fell the home and cloud the sky with grey
This one, great care in where you delve
There's a shadow in the means coming out of Windyville, be still and know your worth
Reason, honor what you build
The ashes of your home won't leave a bed for you to sleep, where wolves now free to roam
This one, the tools can help rebuild
But in the wood you buy a plague has taken ever hold, replaced and filled with mites
This one, a caution turn or stay
No one can make you see, even those who see you most and those who have found their way
Out of a road that turns away
It will guide one for a while but the ticks will bite in Windyville and have found their way to here
This one, we see in you a hope
We know you'll hear the Song, you didn't need a group to play and your voice will mountains shake
This one, this one