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  1. Terra

From the recording Out In The Wind (2008)

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I come here to recollect,
What was stolen, by my own neglect
Fore time has made us strangers,
Do you know me, or have I been gone too long?
Oh they followed me, I tried to hide
You see them in this face?
Oh forgive me, Terra I, don't know what to say

Fill me with your Love, I know that you are always dear

I've come here to reconnect
Is it too late? I know it can't be yet
The stars are growing dimmer and the highways, the coming of the ants.
Oh embracing all your Love, the city falls away
Oh can you hear me Terra I, what was it you say?

Fill me with your Love
I know that you are always here
Though I rarely was
Tell me you wont disappear